Hello, I’m Norbert, the founder of GETLIFTED AUDIO MASTERING.

I’ve been in the music industry for 20 years and have gained a lot of experience as a DJ, producer, student, mixing and mastering engineer. Together we will find your individual outstanding sound to make you stand out from the rest!

If you have any questions I would be happy if you contact me.

I can help you with

  • Analog-Mastering
    • of Stems
    • for Vinyl
    • for Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube (also Video), Soundcloud, and more)
  • Mixing
  • Vinyl-Cut at R.A.N.D. MUZIK (Cuts listed at Discogs)
  • Audio-Restoration
  • Dialog and Foley Editing (References/Credits listed at IMDB)


  • Analog-Mastering for € 36 per Song
  • Stem-Analog-Mastering for € 30 per Song + € 6 per Stem/Track
  • I give 10% discount if you have more than 5 songs to master.
  • Mixing, Audio-Restoration, Editing for € 36 per hour worked
  • VAT is included in all prices.

In the mastering process I

  • fix problematic frequencies and improve imbalances missed in the mixing process.
  • improve tonal balance by creating an even distribution of frequencies. A balanced frequency spectrum helps dynamic recordings translate on different playback systems.
  • manage dynamic range, control transient spikes, and increase loudness. Dynamic range compression also “glues” each element into a cohesive whole.
  • remove pops, clicks, and other unwanted noises from the sound source.
  • apply stereo enhancement to balance the stereo field and add dimension. Widening your mix will create a more focused low-end and help it sound bigger. It also improves the listening experience.
  • clean up the frequency range from low-end rumble and harsh high-frequencies.
  • increase overall perceived loudness to reach commercial levels.
  • ensure all the songs in an album or EP sound consistent and balanced.

What I need

  • WAV (16Bit / 44.1 kHz or higher) files for the mastering process
  • Information on which platform or medium the publication will be published on
  • Please send me a download link from Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, … to your audio files

Additionally, for the best possible masters, I recommend removing any pre-mastering processing such as limiting, and keeping the highest peak-level of each song at -6dB or less. This allow me enough headroom to best sculpt the dynamics and over-all sound of your songs. Finished songs are delivered as downloadable WAV files.

This is how you get your mastered music back

Finished masters are made as .wav (16 bit / 44.1 kHz CD quality) and .mp3 (320 kbps) files. These files can be downloaded via a link I will send you by e-mail.

Free Mastering Sample

The free mastering sample is a 1-2 minute audio sample of your song. You will receive the audio sample within 72 hours.